Derwent Artbar Tin of 72

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  • Derwent Artbar is a water-soluble bar made of wax. It has the smoothest texture and the most wonderfully opaque colours so you can build up layer upon layer of thick colour really fast. And then, just add water and dry marks will melt away before your eyes!
  • They lend themselves wonderfully to fine detail and expressive work as well as providing large bold stokes for the more dramatic artist. One can make marks and shapes using the sharp edges of their convinient triangular shape.



  • Triangular Shape for fine detail and marks.
  • Watersoluable rich colour in stick form.
  • Feels like crayon and unmatched fluidity of stokes.
  • Set of 72: Process Yellow, Primary Yellow, Marigold, Tertiary Orange, Primary Red, Strawberry, Carnation, Process Magenta, Tertiary Purple, Iris, Primary Blue, Ultra Blue, Process Cyan, Topaz, Turquoise, Tertiary Green, Bright Green, Kiwi, Wheat, Pale Lemon, Sweetcorn, Mango, Blush, Vivid Pink, Violet Oxide, Soft Lavender, Lilac, Pale Cobalt, Baby Blue, Blue Lace, Duck Egg Blue, Spearmint, Gooseberry, Popcorn, Pink Oxide, Beige, Honeycomb, Ochre, Paprika, Spice, Praline, Violet Earth, Amethyst, Pacific Blue, Cool Gray, Mid Gray, Deep Aqua, Mediterranean, Green Earth, Cactus, Prairie, Raw Umber, Cocoa, Warm Gray, Natural Brown, Burnt Umber, Nutmeg, Alizarin, Dark Indigo, Midnight, Prussian, Dark Turquoise, Scots Pine, Dark Forest, Racing Green, Payne's Gray, Black, Blue Gray, Red Gray, Yellow Gray, Mixing Bar, Opaque White.


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