Derwent XL Charcoal Set of 6 Tin

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  • The chunky  large shape of these XL charcoal blocks makes them every artist's dream. Big bold strokes, powerful lines to subtle gradients, Derwent XL Charcoal Blocks takes sketching to another level. 
  • It is soft and big and ideal to create soft earthy tones. What's more it's watersoluable, which could open up a lot of options with wet techniques.


  • Naturally watersoluble and available in a variety of rich, dense colors, these opaque, rich blocks can be layered over other colors. Their size and length are great for making broad, gestural strokes. Create different marks with the sides, edges, and corners — you can even use an embossing tool to create lines and add texture.
  • XL Charcoal Blocks are very tactile, so you can use your finger to smudge and move the color around.
  • The set of six blocks contains one each of Ochre, Sanguine, Mars Violet, Sepia, Black, and White.


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