Pilot Hi Techpoint V7 Grip Pen (Red)

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  • Unique Dimple tip technology from japan for precision writing
  • Pure Liquid ink for smooth skip free writing
  • Ink Tank Indicates remaining ink level
  • ATT system for instant start
  • Dimpled rubber tip gives extra comfort and control to the writing.


Brand: pilot
Product Pilot Hi Techpoint V7 Grip Pen (Red)
Special Features
  • Pure liquid ink for smooth skip-free writing.
  • ATT system for instant start.
  • 3 dimple tip for precise writing.
  • Advance ink system maximise ink usage.
  • Ink indicator indicates remaining ink level.

Manufacturer Info
The Pilot Pen Corporation was founded by Ryosuke Namiki In 1964,Pilot Corporation introduced the Capless. Unlike other fountain pens during its time, the Pilot Capless featured a fully retractable nib. The Capless was later reintroduced as the Vanishing Point in 1972. In 2012, the company released the Metropolitan, a popular entry-level fountain pen. Luxor Writing Instruments, is a major Indian stationery company based in India. Luxor manufactures and markets pens and writing instruments under the Luxor, Pilot and other pen brands.


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