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Dominic Correction Tape (Pack of 3)

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  • Ensure the smooth surface to modify the smooth.
  • The modified lead to repair parts stick to form an angle of 45 degrees, can be gently straightened.
  • Correction tape transfer printing on paper.
  • In the end correction to suspend the position, the angle of 90 DEG, vertical lift.
  • Can cut the correction tape.
  • Within the belt such as loose, please repeat correction operation to tape tight.
  • Do not use this product S shape, so as to avoid the correction belt breakage or damage.


After use, can be replaced with a core used again. To modify the surface clean and smooth, can be made.

The writing, lightweight, easy to carry. Suitable for computer print, copy, fax, Writing file.

Resin PS POM titanium dioxide (TIO).


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