Taparia Steel Cable Cutter - Blue (CC08, 210mm)

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Brand: Taparia
Product Taparia Steel Cable Cutter - Blue (CC08, 210mm)
Special Features
  • Drop forged and differentially hardened and tempered.
  • Higher Hardness of 55 to 60HRC on the Cutting edges enables long cutting edge life.
  • Hardness on body and Rivet of 40 – 50 HRC enables toughness and reduces chances of Play after long use.
  • The cutting edges are sharp and precision machined to the appropriate angle to cut the cables with ease.
  • Dip coated sleeves provide cushioning grip.

Manufacturer Info
Taparia Tools started manufacturing hand tools in 1969 in India in technical collaboration with a reputed company in Sweden. Taparia has wide range of products such as adjustable Wrenches (Chrome plated and Phosphate finish and also with soft grip.), Screw Drivers(Screwdrivers with Flat tip, Electrician pattern, Phillips tip, Torx tip, Screw Driver Sets, Line Testers, Two in One Screw Drivers),Varieties of Pliers ( Combination Pliers, Side Cutting Pliers, Long Nose Pliers, Circlip Pliers, Water Pump Pliers, Pincers, Vice Grip Pliers, etc.)Tool Sets and Kits of various types, Ball Pein, Cross Pein and Claw Hammers, Forged C-clamps in different sizes from the smallest to the biggest, Chisels in various types and sizes including pneumatic chisels., Double-ended, Ring & Combination Spanners, Various types and sizes of Punches,Pipe Wrenches- Stillson pattern and Swedish pattern,Truck Wheel wrenches,Fullest range of Sockets and its accessories and Socket sets of all possible sizes.


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