Camlin Exam Mathematical Instument Box

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  • Specially designed self centering compass, for ease and accuracy while drawing circles and angles.
  • Both divider and compass are made with non-rusting strong material to last long and remain in shape and shine
  • The plastic used in ruler, protractor and set square are made of high transparency plastic and comes with precise marking for easy reading and accurate drawings
  • The special technique of marking ensures that the marking are clearly visible after extensive use
  • Also available Mini Mechanical pencil for compass.


Brand: camlin
Product Camlin Exam Mathematical Instument Box
Special Features
  • Meant for those who don’t want to just stop at drawing and Mensuration, Camlin Galaxy geometry boxes let you explore the joy of Drafting through additional items like Stencil and a Mechanical Pencil. Now available with superior product quality in attractive purple packaging, Camlin Galaxy adds some joy to the daily school life of children

Manufacturer Info
Camlin manufactures art materials, marker pens, fountain pens, inks, pencils, and other stationery products. The company is well known for its pens in India. Camlin is a very popular stationery brand in producing artist materials including water colour, oil paints, pastels, acrylics, inks, pencils etc. for both artists and students.


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