Faber Castell Tack It Removable Adhesive, Green 50gms

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  • TACK-IT is the removable and reusable adhesive for countless occasions. It can be used for hobby, crafts, decoration, office, factory or school and many more. The new square cuts make it super easy to tear the TACK-IT apart, which just makes it easier to use and you always get just the amount you want.
  • Removable and reusable adhesive
  • For home, school, office and creative use, e.g. posters, charts, decorations and many more


Brand: Faber Castell
Product Faber Castell Tack It Removable Adhesive, Green 50gms
Special Features
  •  For home, office & school
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Removable & Reusable
  • For mounting, Holding & Decorations 

Manufacturer Info
Faber,Castell India started its operations in 1998. Faber,castell offers wide range of products such as Wax Crayons,Erasable Crayons,Oil Pastels,Sketch Pens,Poster colours,Fun Paints,Colour Pencils, Paint Brushes,Art Cart Kit,Pencils,Mechanical Pencils,Leads,Scales,Geometry Box,Erasers,Glue Stick,Child Safe Scissors,Sharpners,Hobby & Craft, Fabric Colours, Craft Scissors,Stencils,Tack it, Canvas Kit, 3 Dimensional Outliners, Modelling Dough,Professionals(Green Line),Polychromos Artists' Colour Pencils,Pitt Monochrome Graphite & Charcoal,Pitt Artist Pen,Accessories,Art Grip Aquarelle,Studio Quality Water Colours,Ball Pens,Textliner,Multimarker,Stamp Pad & Ink and recently they introduced white board markers too.


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