Omega Key Chain Elegant Jar - 50 Pcs in a Jar (1754)

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Brand: Omega
Product Omega Key Chain Elegant Jar - 50 Pcs in a Jar (1754)
Special Features
  • Strong plastic
  • Ideal for lockers and doors
  • Elegant design
  • Great quality

Manufacturer Info
Allied Instruments Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1964 at Bombay. It has been the largest manufacturer and exporter of school and office stationery from India for the last 20 years. It has won the Plexconcil Award for highest export for 18 out of these 20 years. The company owes its leading position at home and worldwide to its constant belief in quality, its wide product range for many different target groups and its well-known brand name OMEGA. It now offers over 200 high quality products including Office Stationery, Desktop Organizers, Document Trays,Tape Dispensers, Cutters, School Stationery, Educational Aids, Engineering and Drawing equipment. OMEGA is well equipped to meet the needs of increasingly demanding consumers for sophisticated, quality products.


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