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Camlin Permanent Marker - Pack of 4 Assorted Colors (Black, Blue, Red, Green)

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  • CE Certified, RoHS and ELV Complaint
  • Refillable Marker
  • For best Results Insist on Permanent Marker Ink available in 15ml and 100ml packs
  • Anti scrub on most of the surfaces and UV Resistant


Suitable for most of the surfaces: Plastic, Wood, Metal, Jute, Glass, Ceramic, Leather Card board etc. Unlike the regular markers Camlin Kokuyo permanent markers do not erase easily off the white board. It has a unique acrylic tip and oil based ink, which is non toxic and does not have a strong odour. The marker is UV resistant and refillable. Besides writing on the white board it is also ideal for marking/labeling CDs, cartons, naming files etc.


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