Doms Q 15 Cm Scale (Pack of 10)

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Brand: Doms
Product Doms Q 15 Cm Scale (Pack of 10)
Special Features
  • Good flexibility so less chance of breaking when used roughly, Bold marking that do not fade
  • Made up of transparent virgin plastic, Smooth & Round edge resist chipping
  • Heavier in weight therefore it is steadier & long lasting
  • The only Scale with mm Digit marking,

Manufacturer Info
Establised in 1976,Doms Emerged as one of the top selling stationery brand in India.Dom'S Product range comprise of Wooden Graphite Pencils, Wooden Colour Pencils, Polymer Graphite Pencils, Polymer Colour Pencils, Pencil Sharpeners, PVC free & Phthalate free Erasers, Mathematical & Drawing Instruments, Ball point Pens and wide range of Student Art Material.


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